The Long Arm of the Law

© Susan Dorothea White

The Long Arm of the Law, 1988
carved wood, fabric and mixed media
250 x 200 x 50 cm

The sculpture assemblage is inspired by the idiom 'the long arm of the law' and was created at the time of the Fitzgerald Inquiry into crime and corruption in Queensland. It is my first assemblage combining carved wood, fabric and mixed media. I made the sleeve by sewing two trouser legs together.

- Susan Dorothea White


Humor, more pointed than funny, is the thread of continuity throughout Susan Dorothea White's art, regardless of medium. A case in point is The Long Arm of the Law. It is created with exactly what the title states... a very long black-robed arm extends out into the gallery room with a legal document in its hand!

- Dorothy Roatz Myers, Art Talk, New York (1994)

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