Select feature works by Susan Dorothea White

  • Centenarian sunset, Mum at 102, 2014
    Angaston marble
  • Mum's centenarian sunset, 2013-2014
    acrylic on Australian red cedar panel
  • The anatomy lesson of Dr Freeman, 2012
    acrylic on panel
  • Goose Camp Kakadu: moonrise at sunset (hand-coloured), 2010
    woodcut (hand-coloured)
  • Stretching the imagination (version with life-size hands), 2005
    Collection: The Buhl Collection, New York (link: )
  • Lost for words, 2003
    carved salvaged Huon pine, paint, fabric, The Compact Oxford English Dictionary, A Gumbaynggir Language Dictionary, map of Aboriginal Languages of Australia.
  • Next-door neighbours, 2000
    carved salvaged Huon pine, cedar door, hardwood door, sleeves, walking stick, bag, bullet casings
  • It cuts both ways, 1998
    carved salvaged Huon pine, fabric, shears, paint
    Hechinger Collection - International Arts & Artists, USA
  • The blind woman of Annandale, 1998
    acrylic on panel
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of modern times (painting), 1993
    acrylic on wooden tabletop
  • The First Supper, 1988
    acrylic on panel
  • The empty chair, 1980
    lithograph (9 colours)
    Collection: National Gallery of Australia

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