Picking Lilli Pillis, Piper St, Annandale, 2010
goldpoint & pastel on silicon carbide paper
21 x 28 cm [view enlargement]

"Drawing is the foundation of my art -my sketchbook is always at hand" ~ Susan Dorothea White

WORKS ON PAPER: Pastel, Goldpoint, Conté

"Susan White is constantly sketching from everyday life and it is from the many sketchbooks that she first extracts the material for her compositions." (A. Wernig, Munich, 1980)

The artist works in a variety of drawing media: pen and ink, ballpoint, brush, crayon, chalk, pastel, conté, and charcoal. Recently she has developed mixed media techniques in silverpoint and goldpoint.

"Capturing the essence in line alone is for me the purest form of expression."

Pastel, Goldpoint, Conté
5 Works to view
5 Works to view

  • Wiry Bauera (Bauera rubioides), Hartz Ranges, Tasmania, 2018
    pastel, conté and goldpoint on silicon carbide paper
    28 x 21 cm
  • Shoulder, Arm and Elbow (right, lateral view): Muscles and Fascia, 2011
    29 x 21 cm
    (study for The anatomy lesson of Dr Freeman)
  • Forearm (left, medial view): Forceps Gripping Flexor Tendons, 2010
    21 x 29.5 cm
    (study for The anatomy lesson of Dr Freeman)
  • Upper Limb, Shoulder Muscles (right) and Hand with Extensor Tendons (lateral views), 2007
    21 x 29.7 cm
  • Head and Upper Torso Bisected (both halves, external and internal aspects), 2001
    pencil and conté
    29.5 x 42 cm

WORKS ON PAPER : Pastel, Goldpoint, Conté 5 Works
WORKS ON PAPER : Pastel, Goldpoint, Conté 5 Works

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