Picking Lilli Pillis, Piper St, Annandale, 2010
goldpoint & pastel on silicon carbide paper
21 x 28 cm [view enlargement]

"Drawing is the foundation of my art -my sketchbook is always at hand" ~ Susan Dorothea White


"Susan White is constantly sketching from everyday life and it is from the many sketchbooks that she first extracts the material for her compositions." (A. Wernig, Munich, 1980)

The artist works in a variety of drawing media: pen and ink, ballpoint, brush, crayon, chalk, pastel, conté, and charcoal. Recently she has developed mixed media techniques in silverpoint and goldpoint.

"Capturing the essence in line alone is for me the purest form of expression."


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285 Works
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DRAWINGS : 285 Works to view Page 1 2 3 4

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