clay model of Stretching the Imagination, bronze commissioned by Buhl Collection, New York


The contemporary artist Susan White produces sculptures in bronze, stone, wood, and mixed media assemblage. Her skills in carving, combined with a profound knowledge of the human figure, give her sculpture a depth of expression.

Susan White's subject matter is drawn from many sources, including human rights, the status of women, literature, music, and natural forms. She transforms idioms into three dimensions. Her mixed media sculptures are assemblages of everyday objects and fabrics centered around hands carved in wood. Humor and imagination make her figurative sculptures distinctive.

"Referring to the balance between gender and races, the bold sculpture It Cuts Both Ways suggests that 'any potential movement of either pair of hands would activate both pairs equally'. To realize the piece, she replaced the handles of garden shears with hands carved from salvaged huon pine (which can take up to 3,000 years to grow!) and modified found clothing for the sleeves..."

Sarah Tanguy, Curator, Hechinger Collection, Washington DC (2002)

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48 Works to view Back
48 Works to view Back

  • Eternal Pursuit, 1985
    salvaged Huon pine
    21 x 9 x 8 cm
    Private collection, Australia
  • Blowflies: Soundboard Rose in Harpsichord, 1983
    10 cm dia.
    (detail of painting on soundboard)
  • Horse's Head, for Grandpa, 1951
    relief carving in maple
    12 x 12 x 2.5 cm
    (childhood work)

SCULPTURES : 48 Works Back
SCULPTURES : 48 Works Back

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