Susan Dorothea White Bibliography

2014 Susan Kendzulak, ‘Cornerstone: Susan Dorothea White', ARTVOICES, 2014, pp. 26-29 (Type: article) Click here to download PDF
The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Freeman, 2012
acrylic on panel
120 x 153 cm

Lost for Words, 2003
carved salvaged Huon pine, paint, fabric, The Compact Oxford English Dictionary, A Gumbaynggir Language Dictionary, map of Aboriginal Languages of Australia.
94 x 85 x 38 cm

It Cuts Both Ways, 1998
carved salvaged Huon pine, fabric, shears, paint
120 x 46 x 10 cm
Hechinger Collection - International Arts & Artists, USA

The First Supper, 1988
acrylic on panel
120 x 240 cm

Seated, 1981
acrylic and collage on panel
122 x 92 cm

Noah's Rocket (painting), 1978-80
acrylic on panel
122 x 81 cm
Private collection, Germany

The Magic Pudding (painting), 1977
acrylic on panel
94 x 63 cm
Private collection, Australia

Cul-de-sac, 1972
oil with acrylic underpainting on composition board
76 x 122 cm

Baby Paul, Hot Summer Night, 1965
oil on composition board
122 x 91 cm

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